Tensoft building capacity in health



  TenSoft consulting develops innovative solutions for future needs in health

Educational Services

TenSoft consulting develops solutions for current and future educational needs in health

  • Lead teams that develop university curriculum in health
  • Implement innovations in curriculum structure
  • Realtime monitoring systems for student performance
  • Development and implementation of innovative roster systems
  • Excellence in finanical modelling of education change


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Clinical Service Innovation

TenSoft consulting develops and implements systems to increase productivity and information flow for clinical service providers and educational users

  • Highly innovative patient traige systems
  • Australia's first integrated health consumer feedback data system
  • Excellence in clinical data analysis tools
  • Innovative tools to the needs of professional accreditation
  • Monitoring student clinical performance
  • Innovative solutions for academic results managment
  • State-of-the-art solutions for wide area clinical placement management


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Facility Design and Development

TenSoft team members have been a key player in the development of more than $250million of state-of-the-art dental facilities

  • Griffith University dental school
  • La Trobe Univeristy simulation laboratory and clinical facility
  • Sharjar Dental School simulation laboratory
  • Charles Sturt Univeristy dental school
  • Oral Health Center of Western Australia
  • James Cool Univeristy simulation center
  • Tasmainian governement dental education center
  • Several small remote area clinical services
  • Bond Univeristy Dental development


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